“We moved here from Wisconsin and hoped to find a house in a month or two. My husband and I each had our own list of needs and wants that were not necessarily compatible and that made us difficult clients. Though we have bought and sold 5 homes in our lifetime, we were unfamiliar with this new area and wanted to be sure we had a good location, a well-built quality home, for a fair price. We were open to making improvements if the value warranted the expense.

What made Dennis stand out as a realtor was his uncanny ability to spot defects or potential problems in the homes we were considering. Even though with my husband’s extensive experience, we felt we had a basic knowledge about electric, plumbing and home construction, there are so many things to consider at every home. Dennis was never afraid to point out concerns and to offer possible solutions if we were interested in the home.

He was cheerful and always willing to show us yet another possibility…though we had looked at an overwhelming number of homes. He did not give up on us, as we continued to weigh the pros and cons of each house. He was knowledgeable about the process of placing an offer, negotiating an agreement, and suggesting professionals needed as we made our way through the purchasing process. His personal and professional service, his honesty and high ethical standards definitely were an advantage in our decision to finally purchase the home we happily live in now.”